About Us

We enjoy food as an adventure.  We enjoy travel as an adventure. 

Combined, this creates a great sensory discovery.  Our travel - by car, plane, ship, or just a walk around the corner - always includes a search for a new food adventure.  

Whether in Hawaii for the latest Spam recipe or coast to coast on the mainland USA for great regional mustards, in Europe for the finest fruit preserves or spanish paprika, the Mediterranean the best olives and oils, Pacific Asia for unique  umami flavors , or just around the corner for organic peanut butter - a new food discovery is always on the agenda. 

 From a farmer's market in central Ohio’s Amish Country for egg noodles and spicy pickled jalapeno eggs to the Mercado in downtown  San Juan PR for great hot sauces and Mole sauces, the same exciting sense of discovery exists! 

Closer to home, we are very proud of the wide array of Michigan products offered.  From Traverse City dried cherries to Mucky Duck mustard, from McClure's Pickled relishes a to Sanders Hot Fudge Milk Chocolate dessert topping, you will find it here!   Nature's gifts to us all!

We want to share these discoveries with you.  Foodies General Store will continue to grow as we discover more stuff we like in our continuing culinary journey of discovery. Thank you for taking the trip with us.

Foodies General Store.  Stuff We Like -- You Will Too! 




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