Raw Honey by Sleeping Bear Farms, 2.5 Lb. Glass Jar
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Sleeping Bear Farms raw honey is a spreadable, creamy, light colored, finely granulated spread harvested from Star Thistle flowers in pristine northern Michigan. All the floral essences, enzymes, and small amounts of pollen remain.

Raw honey is honey that has been spun out of the natural beeswax honey combs and contains enzymes and natural bee pollen. All the floral essences that came from the flowers remain and give Sleeping Bear Farms honey it’s amazing nose and taste, with a very smooth finish. This raw honey is not processed and ultra filtered like many commercial honeys are. Sleeping Bear Farems honey is not stripped of flavors and goodness.  It is not heated to high temperatures to push through filters. Heat destroys enzymes and flavors. It will have specs of pollen and natural beeswax. No worries. These are the “bona fides” and are evidence of genuineness. A product of Michigan USA. It will keep indefinitely.  Sleeping Bear Farms raw honey  is sold in a wide-mouthglass jar with Net 2.5 Lbs.


  • Item #: 428-162-01
  • Manufacturer: Sleeping Bear Farms

Raw Honey by Sleeping Bear Farms, 2.5 Lb. Glass Jar

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