Brownwood Farms Pear and Cinnamon Preserves 4 Pack
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Brownwood Farms Pear and Cinnamon Preserves 4 Pack.  Mix things up with this Pear & Cinnamon Preserve. Use it as a breakfast spread, as a base to your next apple pie, or an addition to dressings. The possibilities are endless with Brownwood Farms' mouth-watering preserves. Made with top quality Bartlett pears and light cinnamon sauce to deliver you that Northern Michigan flavor you crave. All natural. No Preservatives. Made in Michigan USA.

There's a faster way to make the foods we make. But Brownwood Farms is never about about fast. They are about passionately preparing foods that are simply...delicious. From using the purest ingredients to formulate the finest flavors, to the fresh fruits they source from local farmers, to gently hand stirring small batch recipes in kettles. The is to not only make the foods we all love as good as they can be, but also to preserve the tradition and pride in knowing that these products are made with their own two hands. We think you'll agree - it’s worth it.  Brownwood Farms Pear and Cinnamon Preserves are sold in a pack of four(4) glass jars with net 12 Oz each.

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  • Manufacturer: Brownwood Farms

Brownwood Farms Pear and Cinnamon Preserves 4 Pack

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