Angostura Orange Bitters - 4 Oz - 6 Pack
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Angostura Orange Bitters - 4 Oz - 6 Pack. Derived from the peels of sun-ripened oranges, caraway seed, and coriander, this orange bitters mixture adds a subtle spicy flavor and aroma to your crowed-pleasing cocktails and mixed drinks! The name Angostura comes from the town of Angostrua, Venezuela where the flavoring was first produced. This botanically-infused alcoholic mixture includes water, 28% alcohol, herbs and spices. This petite 4 oz. bottle of bitters can be used for multiple cocktails since it is to be ingested in small amounts as a flavoring.  A product of Trinadad and Tobago. Gluten Free.

The herbal essences of Angostura orange bitters are well-suited for vodka, gin, and whiskey, and for adding a depth of flavor to rum cocktails. Serve an Old Fashioned classic cocktail at your bar, restaurant, or lounge made with whiskey, bitters, sugar, and water. Orange bitters' complex flavor makes it ideal for culinary use as well, particularly in savory sauces, seafood dishes, soups and gravies. It's also a natural accompaniment to chocolate and best matched with desserts such as fudge, jams/jellies, and ice cream. 

This 4 oz. bottle of Angostura bitters features a distinctive over-sized label for easy identification. Known to enhance the flavor of ingredients without masking their true flavor.  Certain classic cocktails and mixed drinks just won't taste the same without Angostura orange bitters!

Bitters are also known as a restorative concentrate that may help ease an upset stomach. 

Angostura Orange Bitters is sold in a pack of six(6) glass bottles with net 4 fl. Oz each.

  • Item #: 447-793371-12-6
  • Manufacturer: Angostura

Angostura Orange Bitters - 4 Oz - 6 Pack

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